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For ICT R&D Organizations Focusing on Innovation 
Led Growth
What is Product Thinking and why you should attend this workshop? 
Creating products at scale require a certain thinking or mindset that is distinct from creating custom solutions. This mindset requires the organization to develop an expansive perspective and own customer’s success. Find out how you can drive the right mindset in your organization that will empower your teams to create holistic value both internally and with your customers and partners. 

This workshop is for 3 hours and it will cover the following aspects of mindset:
1) Why do we need product thinking?
2) Top guidelines for seeding product thinking
3) Case studies 
4) Overcoming common myths & challenges 

Key Takeaways
1) Drive and nurture innovation possibilities 
2) Demonstrate product leadership
3) Encourage innovation at the grassroots level
4) Leverage native capabilities 


Nandita Venkatesh
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My Fortune Hotel
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